Wacky for Wikis!

Why Wiki?

  • Collaborative
  • Saves time & paper
  • One central location for information
  • Accessible from home & school (unlike the dreaded "P" drive!)

Wiki Where (and How) Sites

Wiki Examples - Don't go "public" with your wiki!

Wiki Walk-through

  • Mini-Tour of "My Account"
    • Be sure your email address has been confirmed in case you forget your password.
  • Mini-Tour of "Manage Wiki"
    • "Permissions" - Protected or Private?
    • "Look & Feel" - Themes, Colors, & Logos
    • "Wiki Settings" - Discussion Settings
    • "Pages" - Locked vs. Unlocked

Get to Work on your Wiki!

  • Adding Content - Remember to click "Save" periodically!
    • Start a "New Page"
      • The magic of "Edit This Page"
      • Peruse the tool bar
      • Add some text to your new page
    • Add a hyperlink
      • Click "New Window" or Not? - using new window makes it easier to navigate back to your page.
    • Upload a file - "Embed File" or "Link to File" - I prefer link to file because it looks clean.
    • Embed a "Widget"
      • My Favorites
        • Google Calendar - Google account required
        • RSS Feeds
        • Table of Contents
        • Avatar
    • "Edit Navigation" bar - Add a navigation bar link to your page (if you want this flexibility).

Wiki Wonders

Wiki Worries

  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) - Highly recommended if you will allow students to edit pages and/or use the discussion feature.

Other Wecommendations

The SMH Sandbox wiki clip art is licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on